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Friday, November 5

Procrastinating and.... random..lalalalaa

Thanks to my new Eee PC.... y0! ;P

Saturday, June 5

20 Years Later: Fine Dining at 'Eurolounge'

My Menu:

* 'Blackforest Cocktail' (Cherry & Cream)
* 'Euro Temptation, tasting plate for two' (Twice cooked pork belly, oysters, scallops, chilli salt squid and duck ravioli)
* Pan roasted grimaud duck breast with beans, hazelnuts, potato puree, honey & sherry cream sauce
* 'Euro Temptation, teasting plate for two' (Creme brulee, Sticky Date pudding, white chocolate mousse, and raspberry sorbet)

For more information go to Eurolounge!

Thursday, May 27

Dedicated to all Masterchef (Australia) fans out there who want Joanne to leave!

It's 7:50am on a Friday morning, and I'm eating buttered toast. A pigeon has just walked into the cafe, and my fingers are so dry that the skin is cracking... eeehhh

Anyway, this apology blog couldn't come fast enough, after my sister told me how horrible Joanne was in the team challenge two Wednesdays ago (Tetsuya and Guillame as special guest judges).

I am sorry for doubting the poll takers. I can understand now why 43% (and counting) of voters wanted her to leave. I was sad to see Fiona leave last night. I still love Alvin!

Can someone please cook 'Soy Sauce Chicken'?

Thursday, May 20

Dedicated to Samme: After watching that ridiculously frightening short film "The Cat with Hands"

Dearest Samme,

I was on facebook just then and saw Frankie Magazine post something on the news feed. The blog is called "Cat Party" (I know, creepy right?).

Anyway, you should go check this out anyway, because as creepy as it may be, some of the designs are super cute!... haha No no, I will never ever want to frighten you!


Here is something much less scary!

Monday, April 12

BBC Mini series

I just wanted to post a short blog about some of the beautiful heroines we see in BBC Television mini series. Last Sunday ABC aired the first part of the BBC adapted 'Tess of the D'urbervilles', by Thomas Hardy, starring Gemma Arterton as 'Tess'. Arterton also starred as 'Elizabeth' in 'Lost in Austen', along side Jemima Rooper as 'Amanda Price' i.e. 'the modern Elizabeth'.

Arterton is always so captivating to watch. She is undoubtedly beautiful, and personally, I think she suits the nineteenth century heroine. But, she was also beautiful as the 'bond girl' in 'Quantum of Solace'.

Gemma Arterton (below)

I also really liked Charlotte Riley in the BBC Television mini series, 'Wuthering Heights'. She was a great 'Cathy'.

Okay, now back to writing...

Charlotte Riley (below)